Press Testimonials

Over the years we have got to know all the key players, and have earned an excellent reputation with the media for providing what they want, when they want it.

David Wickers, Journalist and ex-Chief Travel Writer for The Sunday Times
“I have known Mick many years – from when I was at The Sunday Times and long before the birth of Travel Dog PR. Unlike many PRs out there, Mick will drop everything if I call him to get me what I need, in a format that he knows I will like, as soon as he can.

“I know I won’t get someone else answering the phone, telling me that he is in a meeting or at lunch. He’s super dependable, knows what makes a story and understands the importance of meeting a deadline.”

Jez Lazell, Travel Writer and regular contributor to the UK national press
“Travel Dog PR are great to work with, always lightning-fast with information, spot-on about providing newsworthy details about clients, great at setting up press trips, and fun and friendly with it.”
Lyn Hughes, Publisher and Editor-in-chief, Wanderlust magazine
“Having known Mick for many years and worked with him at Travel Dog since its inception, we know he is always creative and brimming with ideas. If he approaches us with something I know it will fit the Wanderlust audience perfectly. He just gets it!”
Carole Edrich, Freelance Photo-journalist and Editor
“When I’m researching a feature I need quick answers, honest assessments as to whether my proposals are acceptable and a flexibility of approach that helps me get the right information at home and on assignment. Travel Dog does all this and more. If only more were like them!”
Max Wooldridge, Freelance Travel Writer and Editor
“I’ve known Mick Thompson since Britain owned all the pink bits on the map, ever since he used to badger me with possible travel stories when he was at other travel PR companies before he branched out on his own with Travel Dog.

“I’ve always warmed to his vibrant vocabulary, sense of humour and well-thought-through travel feature ideas. Maybe it’s his press officer background but he’s a travel PR who often thinks like a journalist, and instinctively knows what us often tricky travel writers want.

“Where Mick shines is he only contacts you with stories he knows you’d be interested in. He knows your specialist areas, so, as a result, he’s not going to bother me with dull golf resort or spa treatment stories, two areas I never write about. He doesn’t bark up the wrong tree. I’ll certainly always read one of his press releases.”